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Wire Rope Clips FAQ Warning--Toolee Group Inc.


Apply Wire Rope clips properly, U-Bolt should always be on dead end of rope side, saddle should always be on live end of rope.

Be sure to re-tighten clips after initial load.

Wire Rope Clips are not to be used on plastic coated cable without first stripping off plastic. Wire rope clips should be installed over bare cable only. Nuts must be retightened or re-torqued regularly.

Failure to read, understand, and follow these instructions may cause death or serious injury.

Read and understand these instructions before using clips.

Match the same size clip to the same size wire rope.

Prepare wire rope end termination only as instructed.

Do not use with plastic coated wire rope.

Apply first load to test the assembly. This load should be of equal or greater weight than loads expected in use. Next, check and retighten nuts to recommended torque (see below table, this page).