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China Rised Gas and Diesel Prices, A big Press on Rigging Market

 China raised gas and diesel prices!

China's National Development and Reform Commission said that prices of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel will increase by 8% beginning Friday. ---- That's True. People's Daily Online news about the Gas And Diesel's Prices!! News from CNN about China Rise the Price which Fall the international Oil Price.

At the Same time: The government raised the electricity tariff to prevent power companies from incurring further losses.

Since the Heavy Snow of The Festival, The three main energy: Diesel Coal and the Electricity all rised with Big Range. Considering the Steel Market keep Rising allways since early of 2008, and the cost of Labour. The rigging and lifting product's price which Exporting  market with Big range rising. Everybody feel the Press of the Price increase. A lot of small Factories which arround our factory were broken. The Market becoming very difficult for Hardware.

One question please take it in mind, do not thought the price of rigging parts will fall, Cause the Exchange Rate of USD/RMB will be in a Down Trend, The energy  demand keep rising, more and more car and truck have been made, the labour cost keep rising,

The biggest influence in my thought, China increased the Price of energy will drive others fields price increasing, That means the factories price will increased a lot, that's not good!

Maybe the best news is the Iron Ore stock in a high lever, Cause the High level of iron ore, the bulk shipping charge from braisel and austrilia falling down a lot. Maybe this condition can give some press of the steel market, but we should consider the SICHUAN earthquake, to rebuild the cities need a lot of steel.

Currently, we do not hope the finished products will be falling, just hope all of the price will be keep stabling.

The rigging and lifting products which including a lot of items , thousand of rigging parts.  Toolee Just Hope we can help you more and can decrease your purchasing cost, Hope we can give you one station for rigging and lifting products.

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