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Warning for Ratchet Straps--TOOLEE RIGGING AND LIFTING


Before select the ratchet straps, safety is the first to consider. Herebelow maybe you can have a reference before make the decision

  • Do not use strap if there are any signs of cut webbing, heat or chemical damage.
  • Do not attempt to use strap above rated capacity.
  • Alternate hardware available, see hardware section of catalogue
  • Webbing straps must be protected when used on rough or sharp objects.  Straps that are cut, worn or otherwise damaged should not be used.
  • A strap is only as strong as its weakest component.
  • Hardware strength may be reduced if load path in the area of hardware is not in a straight line.
  • Working load requirements should be evaluated by user before selecting appropriate hardware and strap assemblies.

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